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Google Intuitive Search
Find all your favorite recipes using Google Search. Change the search word "MojIto" for keyword "recipe" to your menu choice.

Google has built an intuitive search text box.

  • Google Recipe Search - Click link to open recipe search.
  • The Google search trick for this search method is use menu choice<space>recipe such as "lasagna recipe" menu choice ending with character space and keyword "recipe."
  • Try for job market name<space>jobs "Paralegal jobs" is also a keyword search method and will work for all job market names localized. This may return job searches localized for your area, if jobs are found using localization.
  • This Google search keyword method will work for any words ending in the search category. The recipe search provides a good way to learn Google search ending with keyword categories. This is similar to Encyclopedia Index.
Character string sentence format correction
Google search also provides a yellow pages phone number search: ===================================
Google search for Abbreviations (neat): ===================================
Google search for Definition "best" ===================================
Google search for Dictionary "best": ===================================
Maybe you picked up how Google Search is designed for common day tasks?
Google's search engine algorithm now uses html body page copy for page ranking.

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